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3D Computer Model Help

  1. DOWNLOAD THE SKETCHUP VIEWER - Click here to go to the Google Website download page in order to download the Google SketchUP Viewer installer - FREE OF CHARGE.

    The installer is a 6.5mb file. Make sure you specify your computer type and operating system correctly, and that you are downloading the SketchUP VIEWER, and not the full TRIAL DOWNLOAD. Once you have downloaded the Veiwer programme installer to a temporary location double click on it to initiate installation of SketchUP Viewer and follow the on screen instructions. Installation of the Viewer is usually very swift. You can uninstall SketchUP viewer when you wish through >Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs. You can delete the installer programme from its temporary location if you no longer require it by dragging it to the waste bin.
  2. DOWNLOAD A SAMPLE SKETCHUP MODEL - Once you have downloaded and installed the SketchUP Viewer click here to download an example SketchUP model constructed by Carden King. The Sketchup file is 8 mb in size. Once you have downloaded it to a temporary location simply double click it. Do be patient and remember that your computer must do many complex calculations in order for you to pan and rotate around the model. Give it plenty of time to do those calculations!
  3. VIEW THE SAMPLE SKETCHUP MODEL - Once the file is loaded the screen will look like this:

    Use this tool to rotate the view or alternatively hold the middle mouse button down (if you have one) and move your mouse.

    Use this tool to pan the view, or alternatively hold down the middle mouse button (if you have one) and hold down SHIFT while moving your mouse.

    Use this tool to zoom or alternatively use your mousewheel if you have one.

    Use this tool to walk around.

    Use this tool to look around.

    There are preset scene 'tabs' at the top of the viewing area also. These will have 'scene' names on them, such as 'front view', 'East Elevation' etc.. You can click on these to go to various views. Once you are in a 'scene' you can pan and rotate, look and walk around with the tools as shown above.                                                                                                                                          Experiment with the buttons along the top of the tool bar to see different views and graphic representations of the model.
    In order to change the shadow settings click > window > shadow settings. A shadow settings box like this appears.

    Click/drag it to the edge of the viewing area. Then either move the time/date sliders or change the figures in to the time/date boxes in order to see shadows for any time day or month of the year.
    Finally click on the scene tabs at the top of the viewing area in order to see the views we preset of the model. You can rotate, pan and zoom in any tabbed scene and change the shadow settings in that view also. If you want to go back to the preset view just click the tab again, or click any other tab.
    Viewing your sketchUP model is that easy.